Tin Star was a huge success for Sky Original Productions and features a stellar cast so it was important that we created a campaign that got viewers excited for the second season.

Jack’s identity had been revealed in Season 1 and our irreverent anti-hero is becoming increasingly unstable in his quest for forgiveness from his family. More tortured by his demons than ever, can Jack win his family back?

Central to the narrative of the show is the mental state of the anti-hero, Jack. Jack will do anything to get his family back together, no matter how dangerous or difficult. His self-belief and determination to save his family know no limits and Jack doesn’t even take dying seriously! Throughout the show the viewer sees his fearless confidence come to life as he laughs in the face of danger, knowing that he will survive in order to get his family back together.


We wanted to make sure we captured the irreverent smile of the character in. the key art for the campaign. Once the idea had been fleshed out, we asked a scamp artist to create an image for us and as soon as the concept was approved by the client, we prepared a shoot, on-location in Canada, where the series is based.

We briefed Production Designer Isabelle Jones to create a snowy forest landscape in order to get the shot and Tim Roth was then photographed by Frank Ockenfels.

The final key art asset was deployed in a number of formats, including 6 and 48 sheet OOH, D6 and across social.


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