This August Sky Living changed to Sky Witness - the new home of all your favourite U.S. dramas. Sky Witness invites you into an extraordinary and exciting place. A world where you can feel the pressure of the emergency room, hear a confession in the courtroom and find the truth at the crime scene. You are the witness.

Sky Living has consistently brought viewers popular U.S. dramas including Grey’s Anatomy, Elementary, Scandal and Madam Secretary. Although our viewers love these shows, they do not necessarily associate them with the Sky Living brand. So we’ve created a clear and compelling channel brand that better reflects the channel’s unique offering.

It is a rebrand with a new identity, personality and tone of voice. We are daring, provocative and urgent in the way we speak across the brand and launch campaign. We’ve created an identity with a new brand device, our Sky Witness letterbox. It makes the viewer feel part of the drama – sometimes as a voyeur and sometimes within the action.

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