To celebrate the 30th birthday of the Sky News channel, Sky News Raw showed life behind the scenes. Sky News Raw was broadcast on its own pop-up channel from 7am to 5pm - 30 years to the day since Sky News aired its first bulletin.

Viewers got a look of the inner workings of one of the most innovative, forward-looking news organisations in the country, including Sky’s digital, television and radio operations.

Fixed cameras captured what was going on in the Sky News newsroom in west London, events in the political nerve-centre at Westminster, as well as what was happening in the on-air TV galleries, the Sky News studios and locations around central London.




To accompany this all-day exclusive, we created a bespoke brand identity. We had to ensure this identity followed our existing guidelines and patterns, maintained a strong link to the current News product but also that it gave the sense that this wasn’t our normal line in programming.

We heavily used the ripped and torn paper element to give the feeling of raw and unscripted, with the sense this wasn’t a polished programme but rather an unflinching look into how the news happens.

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