The highly anticipated Sky Original Production, Patrick Melrose, starring the unique Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest drama to hit Sky Atlantic.


Iconic Campaign Imagery

Patrick Melrose is established as a man from the upper classes who is seemingly in denial of his problems. Seeing him fully dressed in a black suit and tie, he sits in a bath full of water; the bright pink title art completing our creative theme of ‘undercutting formality’ that drives the art direction. The result, a striking and iconic campaign image and show identity that introduces Patrick Melrose to the world.

Narcissistic, Schizoid, Suicidal, Alcoholic.

In this captivating launch promo we see the rollercoaster of complex emotions that make up Patrick Melrose in this dark and at times humorous drama.


Critical acclaim

In anticipation of outstanding reviews the decision to delay the marketing of the show paid off.

In the first week the show was awarded a series of much deserved 5 stars from the Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Guardian and The Times.


Behind the scenes

With several creative scenarios to choose from for the campaign imagery, embellishing the bath scene from the show proved to be the most iconic.


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