On the pulse. Full of fun. super smart. Never knowingly undersold. No wait that’s someone else. But NOW TV is most definitely fun, smart and on the pulse.

NOW TV are here to ENTERTAIN. So here in SCA, we make sure to do just that with the creative we make for them. (And inform of course but that’s less exciting to put in capitals.) We do it lots. And we do it well. Producing snappy, creative that grabs your attention and says ‘Hey there. NOW TV knows what’s good and you’re the lucky sob who gets to hear about it’. Whether it be a promo for the telly (we do at LEAST 20 a month…) or social spot for the gram. We think different, have fun. Stay switched on and bloody love it so that all the ruddy brilliant work we produce in SCA for NOW TV is always received with hugs, high fives and the occasional award*.

*ok so the hugs and high fives are less common but there’s a fair few awards under our belt *cough*gold world promax*cough*. GO TEAM NOW TV!

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