With drama, humour and fast cars, eight-part Sky original production Curfew careers on to Sky One.

Sean Bean, Billy Zane, Adrian Lester, Miranda Richardson and a stellar ensemble cast line up for a thrilling night-time street race as they try to flee the totalitarian government curfew that’s controlling their lives. The winner will be the first to reach the finish line by sunrise, and that’s the only rule.

The fully integrated marketing campaign is currently visible through TV air time, targeted radio and via a bespoke IMAX wrap, which is an entertainment marketing first for Sky, yet the most progressive aspects of the media mix were executed through social and digital.



Curfew was launched as if it was a car brand and this included a gaming-themed car selector Instagram Story, which made users feel like they were flicking through the diverse range of drivers and vehicles. This tactic was designed to land the ensemble cast and unique cars outside of the boundaries of the show itself. Similarly, by exploiting the functionality of the MOBKOI ad platform, SCA allowed customers to choose their promo by selecting the actor they wanted to see in action the most.

Key to the eclectic range of media and content has been the willingness of lead talent to buy into the marketing campaign. The best example of this is a targeted radio campaign featuring Sean Bean, Adrian Lester, Billy Zane and Rose Williams talking to both commuting and daytime listeners with 9 bespoke creative executions.

Brand Marketing Controller Alan Wills commented: “the Sky Creative have been determined from the outset to achieve best-in-class bespoke creative for our selected media channels on Curfew and we’re delighted with the early results. The 360 campaign is bold, arresting and absolutely tailored to ensure the best use of our media channels.”

Oli Francis, Creative Director at Sky Creative Agency added: “I have a sixteen-month-old daughter and that makes her just a tad older than this Curfew project! It’s been quite a journey but such a rewarding one. The combination of a strong vision and early client buy-in allowed us to deliver a vast array of integrated creative, tailor-made to each platform/media output. We delivered over 70 spots for radio alone! This campaign highlights the growing ambition of SCA and vindicates the in-house model for this kind of job.”

Simon Buglione, Managing Director of Sky Creative Agency, also added: “we’ve worked hard over the past couple of years to evolve Sky Creative into the full-service agency that it now is and the Curfew campaign is the epitome of how we are pushing the boundaries of creativity within our campaigns.”

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