COBRA is a Sky Original political drama. The acronym stands for ‘Cabinet Office Briefing Room A’ which is a decidedly unexciting way of referring to the room where the most important political decisions are made during the biggest national crises. Naturally, the show hurls us into the eye of a political storm and we follow the dynamic and unexpected storylines of the key players. The general premise is of an alternative present day where a solar storm plunges the UK into darkness and leaves the COBRA committee responsible for dealing with the fallout. To draw viewers in, our campaign sought to do two things. Firstly – in short dwell media – we wanted to place people inside the crisis and make clear the recognisable talent who were grappling with it; Robert Carlyle, Victoria Hamilton, David Haig and Richard Dormer. Secondly – through longer dwell media – we sought to put the public in the shoes of the decision makers; prompting them to consider what decisions they might make in such tumultuous circumstances.

Generally speaking, our target audience consumes more traditional media channels and hence our focus was on a OOH/print, promo and radio. The starting point for our copy was the double meaning of ‘power’. The UK was literally without power and the Prime Minister was powerless to stop the tidal wave of fallout. With therefore kept ‘power’ at the centre of all copy and creative; elaborating on it when the media allowed.

Cobra turned out to be Sky One’s third biggest UK drama launch.




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