For the first time ever Sky Creative Agency was handed the responsibility of delivering Sky Cinema’s Christmas campaign. A massive honour for us and a huge responsibility because the Cinema Christmas campaign is one of the biggest campaigns of the year.

Christmas is a key period for Sky Cinema as people have more time to watch movies during the holiday period than at any other time of the year. It was our job to get people excited about Sky Cinema’s unbeatable range of blockbuster movies and Christmas classics, all of which were available on demand, reminding film lovers that they can watch what they want, when they want over the Christmas period.


The team created a deceptively simple concept in the form of a magical Christmas mansion block, inspired by an advent calendar, complete with 24 frosty windows, all elegantly numbered. Through the windows, the viewer is invited to enter and observe the lives of a diverse cross-section of British families, all with particular tastes, and all enjoying Sky Cinema on demand in their own unique way.

The advent calendar construct allowed us to represent the whole range of movies, while bringing it to life with the real people living within. It’s an original twist on a long-standing festive tradition which, combined with a mansion block setting, also creates a heightened sense of a magical place that provides scope to really explore Christmas movie watching visually. The underlying message of the creative is that Sky Cinema is the only destination to encourage the coming together of friends and families and create wonderful, communal Christmas experiences that bring people together.

Due to the compartmental, episodic nature of the narrative, we also added a warm, lyrical voice, complete with rhyming couplets to carry the viewer on the journey and bring it all together as one. Patrick Stewart was the perfect fit to lend a little cinematic heft while bringing a touch of festive, movie magic and, true to form, makes the commercial feel really special. Sir Patrick’s mellifluous tones are perfectly soundtracked by the classic Christmas song Winter Wonderland.


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