A Sky Original Chernobyl is the critically acclaimed gripping drama that follows the stories of those caught up in the 1986 nuclear disaster and those who were tasked contain it in a five-part mini-series.








The campaign reflects the Soviet people that make the ultimate sacrifice.  They are the unsung heroes caught up in the chaos and bear the sheer magnitude of the disaster.  These include a fireman fighting something far bigger than a fire, a doctor trying to save lives that will die in the coming weeks, if not days and a liquidator stepping out onto the radioactive roof, halving his life expectancy. Our unsung heroes reflect the raw emotion they feel. Fear. Helplessness. Compassion. Heartbreak.






The unsettling sound design of the reoccurring motif of the Geiger counter follows through On-air. The promos focus on the gritty realities of the disaster and a more heroic appreciation of those who helped prevent nuclear Armageddon.






Critical Acclaim

In the first week the show was awarded a series of much deserved 5 stars from The Times, The Telegraph, BBC, The I and Metro which drove our OOH campaign including press.

Within weeks, Chernobyl was rated the highest ever show at the time on IMDB and winning 10 EMMY awards enabling the campaign to live even longer.







Behind the scenes

World class photographer Nadav Kander captured these unsung heroes emerging from the darkness and shadows keeping with the Soviet Union and 80s tones from the series.




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