A Sky Original Catherine the Great follows the life of the most powerful female monarch in history – Catherine II, The Empress of Russia.  Starring Helen Mirren, the four-part series is set across her 20 year reign as she becomes caught up in a passion of love.

The campaign reflects Catherine the Great as an independent, strong mind and sexually liberated woman who challenged 18th century perceptions, defining the modern-day women.

Off-air, the campaign focuses on power. 


‘Do you know what I hold in my hand? Absolute Power.’


A fist is synonymous  for male power, however Catherine turned this on its head.

Our on-air strategy was to rotate two promos: one focusing on Catherine the ‘Lover’ and the other on Catherine the ‘Leader’, reflecting two of the main themes in the show. Peaches ‘Boys Wanna Be Her’ is punchy, bold and contemporary: just the track we needed to capture the spirit of our historical female icon.





Catherine’s fist replaces the E in the Title Art on the 48 Sheets reminding us of her power allowing it to be in the focus in the creative.





The creative filtered into dynamic and integrated layouts within press.





The theme of Power also extended into supporting imagery.  Her true love was power and she wanted to extend her power across Eastern Europe.